LABORATORY: Testing / Sketch / Illustrations / Comics/ Mood.


Printing dry-tip engraving on Tetra Pak until its wear. 40 copies of the same engraving, all different by the progressive wear of the support. Does art, like labor, liberate us? AR_ _ _T MACHT FREI: from ideal to alienation, from passion to economic necessities, from excellence to routine, repetition, production, again and again … until […]

RE- Job Search (01, 02, 03)

“Beginning of a fanzine, a webzine, a research … For the moment no constraint: style, choice, direction. I advance as one breathes without asking me more question than that of the next page (that’s already too much). ” Job Search (Recherche d’Emploi) is a project that I realize on a mini-site whose texts are transcribed […]

Gauloises (Paris 1986)

UK (approximate translation): My father smoked a lot of brown cigarettes to heavy smell and to blue clouds. Sometimes, round smokes escaped and rose like jellyfish trying to reach the light. My hands danced in the atmosphere. He was looking at me, I felt it, so he sent me more smoke. Drowned, our bodies disappeared […]