Improvisations for La Zone’s collective fanzine.

These few days of creations at La Zone, preceding the festival of fanzine, was an opportunity to experiment techniques, media and especially working methods different from my habits. During these few days, I also welcomed a great and very promising illustrator and cartoonist: Vincent Normand. What? You don’t know him yet !!!! Here is the […]

Fuck Forever

During the collective exhibition of November at The Zone, realization of Emmanuel Macron’s portrait in pencil that was printed in several copies, each stamped by hand.

With Love at The Zone

November 6th 2019, the opening of the collective exhibition at The Zone was the moment to experience the public’s capacity to rebel against the established power and their representatives. A gentle rebellion at the same time freindly and outlet whose act consisted to stamp the portrait of one or more Belgian and foreign political leaders. […]

Belgium stamped

A3 format. 3 copies in color, 1 in black and white. All stamped on 12/09/2019 by the Braives post office.

Stamp 02

With Love, engraved stamp, made partly with a cobblestone.

I don’t want to die before to dead.

“Je veux pas mourir avant d’être morte” : I don’t want to die before to be dead. The french orignal title of the work comes from a quote Jacques Deray’s film, “The disease of love” (La maladie de l’amour), released in 1987. A replica of Nastassja Kinski (Juliette) to Michel Piccoli (Raoul Bergeron) translating her […]

En Marche

Improbable marriage of Emmanuel Macron portrait’s printed in linocut on a yellow vest. From irony and diversion of meaning, much more for the politics of the current government, than the movement of yellow vests that I respect and I support. “En marche”, the title of the engraving, expresses a people marching towards their emancipation, claiming […]

Broken down

Work in progress. Portrait in linocut of Emmanuel Macron, tests on paper before printing on yellow vest.

Vivian – Etching

2 copper plates, 2 printings found: Vivian and its reflection, chisel and dry point, 2015/2016?  

Tokyo Kiss -V01

Essays for a little story (comic) without text. At the base of the project, a song: Tokyo Kiss by Arthur H. However, the story is too offbeat to illustrate the musical atmosphere of Arthur H. I think to do again the project for the song by impregnating more its atmosphere and to continue this story, […]

Stamp – 01

First stamp carving 10 × 6 cm, “stamped” in 40 copies in the format 14.5 x 11.5 cm. This stamp is the first of the series: “With Love”.  

The wear (to the end)

28 identical portraits, first in positive then negative, until the total wear of the carbon paper that served as a support, all contained in a white notebook Moleskine 9X14cm.This work was realized in 2017.

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