Hollow Belly Hell

Mini illustrated story of 2 pages in french for the Gazette du Rock of 2022? Indeed, the special “food” issue of December 2021 has been postponed. While waiting for its publication, here is my little story about Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe inspired by the Patti Smith’s book “Just Kids”.

Madame rêve (gouache tests)

At the end of 2017, I started a 16-page mini comic book: “Madame rêve”, inspired by the eponymous song by Alain Bashung. In 2018 I started to colorize the comic “at the digital brushes”. I was almost done but I gave up everything. Drawing errors but especially the platitude of a digital colorization made me […]

Tokyo Kiss -V01

Essays for a little story (comic) without text. At the base of the project, a song: Tokyo Kiss by Arthur H. However, the story is too offbeat to illustrate the musical atmosphere of Arthur H. I think to do again the project for the song by impregnating more its atmosphere and to continue this story, […]

The Shop – first version

May 30th, 2018 (day -1), submission of the nomination file for the Raymond Leblanc Award. Even if the project has maturing since a long time, the first pages are not always easy to realize as well as the cover which should be thought once the comic strip completed. It was the beginning and the continuous […]

The Shop – comic

Start of the comic book project: “The Shop”. “The Shop” is a resolutely optimistic comic. A dramatic comedy both cynical and burlesque where the joy of living outweighs the depression. The purpose of the story and its characters? Get out of the system to finally live! Here are the first four pages of the story (in […]

Gauloises (Paris 1986)

UK (approximate translation): My father smoked a lot of brown cigarettes to heavy smell and to blue clouds. Sometimes, round smokes escaped and rose like jellyfish trying to reach the light. My hands danced in the atmosphere. He was looking at me, I felt it, so he sent me more smoke. Drowned, our bodies disappeared […]

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