Hollow Belly Hell

Mini illustrated story of 2 pages in french for the Gazette du Rock of 2022? Indeed, the special “food” issue of December 2021 has been postponed. While waiting for its publication, here is my little story about Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe inspired by the Patti Smith’s book “Just Kids”.

Kasim Namour -V03

Color! Why not ? Here are the first uncertain images of the introduction introspection to the “Chroniques de Namur”. The first where I can be seen in color. And yes, dear readers, the main character of the story now speaks in this blog as soon as it is about himself or Namur.

Kasim Namour -V02

Kasim Namour says Kismour or Kiss, version 02. A character that looks more like my first idea of an alterglobalist Franco-Belgian-Arab-Kabyle … The style is also simplified and allows me more freedom on textures and shadows.

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