Social nipple 01

Proposal for a new Marianne: feminist and decreasing. Drawing made in black pencil and engraving (eraser stamps). My “Marianne” will be present at the 2022 International Biennale of “Small Paper Format” in September in Nismes (Viroinval, Belgium) and in October in Charleville-Mézières (France). Also present in the May 2022 issue of the “Petit Pangolin Illustré” […]

A double page of freedom for women

Many thanks to the “Petite Fanzinothèque Belge” and especially to the team of the “Petit Pangolin Illustré” for the colored double page on work done during the workshops at Vie Féminine of Huy, the Cultural Center as well as those of the class secondary school of the Institut Sainte-Marie de Huy. This publication follows the […]

A special series Women!

Freedom, sexuality, sisterhood, portraits and drawings of women since 2012. This series compiles various works produced during events, exhibitions or orders from institutions and publications: Vie Féminine de Huy, Le petit pangolin illustré, La gazette du rock, Bang-Bang editions, TAMAT museum, Namur academy… Visible now at the link:

A wall of freedom for women

Following several workshops conducted jointly with Vie Féminine and the Cultural Center of the city of Huy, a wall of posters for International Women’s Rights Day (March 8) is currently visible on the exterior wall of the Cultural Center. These posters are the fruit of various participants, of all ages, all backgrounds and all women’s […]

Hollow Belly Hell

Mini illustrated story of 2 pages in french for the Gazette du Rock of 2022? Indeed, the special “food” issue of December 2021 has been postponed. While waiting for its publication, here is my little story about Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe inspired by the Patti Smith’s book “Just Kids”.

Gobs (2014)

Realization of gobs of wolf and child during the research and the exhibition at Tamat in 2014. I had never published them and yet, I plan to make a selection in order to collective exhibition at the Zone.

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