Stamp 02

With Love, engraved stamp, made partly with a cobblestone.

I don’t want to die before to dead.

“Je veux pas mourir avant d’être morte” : I don’t want to die before to be dead. The french orignal title of the work comes from a quote Jacques Deray’s film, “The disease of love” (La maladie de l’amour), released in 1987. A replica of Nastassja Kinski (Juliette) to Michel Piccoli (Raoul Bergeron) translating her […]

Broken down

Work in progress. Portrait in linocut of Emmanuel Macron, tests on paper before printing on yellow vest.

Floating world

Old project which I try a revision and continuation of work. These drawings were made for the collective exhibition of La Zone (January 2019). Some imperfections and still some uncertainty but I prefer the minimalist style in comparison with the digital colorization test.

The Shop – first version

May 30th, 2018 (day -1), submission of the nomination file for the Raymond Leblanc Award. Even if the project has maturing since a long time, the first pages are not always easy to realize as well as the cover which should be thought once the comic strip completed. It was the beginning and the continuous […]

The Shop – comic

Start of the comic book project: “The Shop”. “The Shop” is a resolutely optimistic comic. A dramatic comedy both cynical and burlesque where the joy of living outweighs the depression. The purpose of the story and its characters? Get out of the system to finally live! Here are the first four pages of the story (in […]

Solidarity Tax on Wealth

2017 is the year of the presidential election in France. Here, a reminder of certain values such as: solidarity, sharing, mutual aid … Equality. This is a small sample of “All in balaclava” on the Solidarity Tax on Wealth.


Find itself, share and exchange. Have we need a Christmas commercial party, this religious rite compulsory for all in Europe and somewhere else, of a unique date in the year to feel good in family and between friends?

Dream end

Illustration realised in 2016 but published for the last special issue of Kult Magazine (48 FM), 2018.

Rhetoric of the pubis

New version with bearded men but the text stay in french (I need to improve my english before to make a good translation).

Portraits of slug’s killers (vo-Fr)

As part of a collective microedition on the theme of slugs; realization of illustrations and text (10 pages, A5, black and white). Expected release of publishing: end of october 2016.

Pedestrians move along!

Comic documentary essay on the pedestrian Brussels of 6 black and white pages, for the C4 magazine, summer in 2016.

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