Improvisations for La Zone’s collective fanzine.

These few days of creations at La Zone, preceding the festival of fanzine, was an opportunity to experiment techniques, media and especially working methods different from my habits. During these few days, I also welcomed a great and very promising illustrator and cartoonist: Vincent Normand. What? You don’t know him yet !!!! Here is the […]

Tokyo Kiss -V01

Essays for a little story (comic) without text. At the base of the project, a song: Tokyo Kiss by Arthur H. However, the story is too offbeat to illustrate the musical atmosphere of Arthur H. I think to do again the project for the song by impregnating more its atmosphere and to continue this story, […]

Floating world

Old project which I try a revision and continuation of work. These drawings were made for the collective exhibition of La Zone (January 2019). Some imperfections and still some uncertainty but I prefer the minimalist style in comparison with the digital colorization test.

No Title

Different interpretations are possible through this simple but evocative drawing: nature / industry, destruction / construction, deforestation, urbanization, etc … I thought of it at the beginning for the Zone’s end-of-year exhibition (Liege) on the theme of the city. However, the illustration seems to me shifted to be understood immediately by the spectator. To see […]

A part of her

Short story about Vivian Maier for the fanzine of Pili Pili collective, september 2015.

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